We All Need A Savior

Instinct. The definition of instinct is a way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is not learned: a natural desire. I’ve always struggled with the next part of the scripture in 1 Chronicles 13(9-10).  As David and the Israelites were moving the Ark of the Covenant there was a man in the group by the name Uzza.  The Ark was being transported on a new cart. I don’t believe the road or path was a smooth one.  I picture it as rough and bumpy.  As the Ark was being moved, the cart hit a bump and the oxen stumbled, Uzza instinctively reached out his hand to steady the Ark.  His instinct, my instinct, your instinct would have been the same.  This was a precious symbol and any of us would have reached up to steady it just as he did.  Here’s the kicker: there was a direct command from God about how the Ark was to only be carried on poles by a Levite and not to be touched.  Period.  Uzza died because he touched the ark.  I believe it was his instinct.  I truly don’t believe he did it out of purposeful disobedience to God. It was unstable and he reached up to stabilize it. All of us, the entire human race, was born into sin because of one man, Adam.  Our instinct is to sin.  We are born into it.  It’s our natural tendency.  Because of one man’s sin, all of us need a Savior.  God sent Him and His name is Jesus.  We can’t choose whether or not we will be born into sin but we can accept Jesus as our Savior. Natural instincts are hard to change.  The only way is through the power of the Holy Spirit and we receive this power at salvation.   I can BNEW because of this power.  You can BNEW because of this power.

Purpose His Presence

In the Old Testament, the Ark of the Covenant represented the presence of God. It was a physical object or symbol that those folks used to purpose His presence. It didn’t take a physical object for God to be present in their lives.  He just was and is and will forevermore be present in our lives.  But, sometimes we need “Jesus with skin on”.  We need a physical reminder that He is present in our daily lives.  He cares about our daily lives. He wants to be part of our daily lives. Continuing on with David and the Israelites.  David purposes to have God moved back into the lives of the people. To do this the Ark of the Covenant had to be relocated. They had to make a physical effort to purpose God in their daily life. This starts with our physical and spiritual surrender to Christ and the acceptance of His sacrifice on Calvary for our sin.  We must make that move for ourselves. No one can do that for us. Have you made that move?  Once the Ark of the Covenant was moved, on a new cart I might add, David and all the Israelites celebrated with all their might before God.  They brought out the harps, tambourines, the cymbals, and the trumpets and they sang loud in celebration. (1 Chronicles 13:7-8) We want to do that too.  Consider joining us on October 21 at 3:00 at Cumming Elementary School as we celebrate His presence. And if you’re looking for something to B-NEW in your life, Jesus is the answer.  #BNEW2017

It’s Time

True joy comes from knowing and trusting God, you just want it to flood every part of your life.  After the Israelite army came together for one purpose and there was true fellowship between David and his men, there was joy.  I imagine this whole scene in my mind.  The men are full of joy and then David tells them it is time. It is time to bring God back into our lives. It is time to purpose His presence in our land.  The people of Israel had neglected God during the tough reign of Saul.  And David says it’s time to get Him back in our lives.  (1 Chronicles 13).  We all do that, you know; neglect God and His presence.  But once we experience that true joy that comes from knowing Jesus as our Savior, the peace that comes from following Him, we want His presence to be part of everything we do.  We’ve neglected Him long enough.  It is time!  Have you neglected Him?  Have you trusted Jesus to become your Savior?  There’s nothing to compare to the joy He gives us freely when we trust Him.  We all have the opportunity to B-NEW.  We need Him first as our Savior and then making Him Lord of our life and purposing His presence daily is key to that newness.  Join us on October 21 at 3:00.  It is time!

Then There Was Joy

David and his men enjoyed some much needed time of fellowship. This will happen without effort when everyone is coming together for one purpose. These men all came together to support David as he became the leader of Israel.  Our community and churches are coming together for one purpose, to show others the love of Christ and help lead others to Him. I Chronicles 12 ends with this phrase, “for there was joy in Israel”.  What brings joy? What happens when there is joy?  The Israelites were ready for a change.  They had suffered under Saul’s leadership because of his disobedience to God. Joy comes when we follow God’s plan.  Joy comes when we finally realize that following God and surrendering to His will changes the course of our life.  Are you searching for joy?  This joy, pure joy, can’t be found in things the world offers us.  This joy, pure joy, can’t be found when I try to do it all by myself.  Joy comes when we allow Jesus to change us, when we allow Jesus to lead us, when we allow Jesus to make us new.  Come see what Jesus can do for you.  I promise He will make you B-NEW.

October 21, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Cumming Elementary School Soccer Fields

There’s Purpose in Fellowship

These men who came to Hebron to fight for David spent three days eating and drinking with David and his men.  I believe they just enjoyed their time of fellowship (1 Chronicles 12).  Join us on October 21 as church families have prepared food and fun activities for all who attend. So much strength and joy comes through fellowship. I am certain the time that David and these men spent together was full of laughter and good times.  If corn-hole was a thing, they probably played a round or two.  If selfie-stations were a thing, I’m sure there’s a few photos floating around to remember the day. BNEW is a great event to come together for food, fun, and fellowship.  Join us as we celebrate our King of Kings and show others how Jesus can make you B-NEW.

“Coming Together” for One Purpose

I Chronicles 12:23-40 tells about a great event of “coming together” for one purpose. These people all believed David was God’s appointed king and they gathered together to fight for that. The first several verses name the various tribes and the number from each tribe who came to fight for this great cause. Over 300,000 men came armed for battle. Just as these tribes vary in personality, in gifts, in leaders, the churches in our area are the same, we must come together to fight for one cause we all believe is appointed. That cause? To see the lost saved and the disconnected reconnected – to B-come New in Christ.

What is the purpose of BNEW?

What is the purpose of BNEW?  First of all, what is purpose?  A simple definition of purpose is the reason for which something is done.  Purpose is the means to an end.  So what is the end goal of BNEW?  The end goal of BNEW is Jesus, His honor and His glory.  The means to that end, the purpose, how we get to that goal is to reach young people in our community, churched and unchurched.  To offer friends a place to come together for a free, fun-filled afternoon with food, games, and activities.  To share the good news of Jesus Christ and salvation through song and scripture.  It is so rewarding to work together for the same goal, to share the battles, to share the victories.  What is your part in reaching this goal?  What is your part in this purpose?


Mark your calendars for BNEW 2017.  This year’s event will be held at Cumming Elementary at 504 Dahlonega St, Cumming, Georgia  30040 on Saturday, October 21, 2017.  Activities will begin at 3:00 p.m. with the service starting around 6:00 p.m.  This year’s message will be brought by Rev. Caleb Byrd.