We All Need A Savior

Instinct. The definition of instinct is a way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is not learned: a natural desire. I’ve always struggled with the next part of the scripture in 1 Chronicles 13(9-10).  As David and the Israelites were moving the Ark of the Covenant there was a man in the group by the name Uzza.  The Ark was being transported on a new cart. I don’t believe the road or path was a smooth one.  I picture it as rough and bumpy.  As the Ark was being moved, the cart hit a bump and the oxen stumbled, Uzza instinctively reached out his hand to steady the Ark.  His instinct, my instinct, your instinct would have been the same.  This was a precious symbol and any of us would have reached up to steady it just as he did.  Here’s the kicker: there was a direct command from God about how the Ark was to only be carried on poles by a Levite and not to be touched.  Period.  Uzza died because he touched the ark.  I believe it was his instinct.  I truly don’t believe he did it out of purposeful disobedience to God. It was unstable and he reached up to stabilize it. All of us, the entire human race, was born into sin because of one man, Adam.  Our instinct is to sin.  We are born into it.  It’s our natural tendency.  Because of one man’s sin, all of us need a Savior.  God sent Him and His name is Jesus.  We can’t choose whether or not we will be born into sin but we can accept Jesus as our Savior. Natural instincts are hard to change.  The only way is through the power of the Holy Spirit and we receive this power at salvation.   I can BNEW because of this power.  You can BNEW because of this power.