It’s Time

True joy comes from knowing and trusting God, you just want it to flood every part of your life.  After the Israelite army came together for one purpose and there was true fellowship between David and his men, there was joy.  I imagine this whole scene in my mind.  The men are full of joy and then David tells them it is time. It is time to bring God back into our lives. It is time to purpose His presence in our land.  The people of Israel had neglected God during the tough reign of Saul.  And David says it’s time to get Him back in our lives.  (1 Chronicles 13).  We all do that, you know; neglect God and His presence.  But once we experience that true joy that comes from knowing Jesus as our Savior, the peace that comes from following Him, we want His presence to be part of everything we do.  We’ve neglected Him long enough.  It is time!  Have you neglected Him?  Have you trusted Jesus to become your Savior?  There’s nothing to compare to the joy He gives us freely when we trust Him.  We all have the opportunity to B-NEW.  We need Him first as our Savior and then making Him Lord of our life and purposing His presence daily is key to that newness.  Join us on October 21 at 3:00.  It is time!